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Beauty and Barber Supplies

          Beauty and Barber Supplies: Ivory's stocks major brand's of Shear's  Professional Hand Dryers, Combs,
          Products and Equipment to meet the needs of the Cosmetologist and Barbers.

Solano, Solis and Hot Shot blow dryers.

Brand Description  Size Price
Solis Match
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These dryer's have a lot of drying power, and they are quiet. Removable filter, infinitely variable heat settings, cold shot button 1200 Watts $115.77 No longer available
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Professional Hair Dryer
 The most powerful professional hairdryer, instant cold-air button, super veloce motor with extreme power. Two concentrator nozzles. removable washable filter. Solano Warranty. 
Model #
1800 Watt

All Black or
Red & Black
$100.38 No longer available
Turbo Ultra Lite
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Turbo Ultra Lite 
The most powerful Lightweight professional hairdryer.
instant cold-air button, super veloce motor with extreme power. One concentrator nozzles. removable washable filter. Solano Warranty. 
Model #
$80.00  No longer available
Andis Ultra Super Turbo Dryer
Andis Ultra Dryer Lg..jpg (35000 bytes)
Ultra Super Turbo, Has 1875 Watts is a full size dryer with a cool  shot 
setting to lock in styles, 3 heat and 2 air speeds 
with a quiet, long lasting motor.
Model #
Ultra Super 
1875 W. 3 heats and 2 air
speeds. Factory

No longer available

thermal ceramic
twin turbo dryer

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The Conair Pro Dryer 1800 Watts is a full size dryer. Features multi 
ceramic components which emit negative 
ions. Ultra quite, light weight design. Has 12 heat/settings  combinations.
 Variable wattage control up to 1800 watts. Ergonomically design handle. Quick-release hinged filter for easy
 cleaning. Narrow 8 mm nozzle for pinpoint styling. Perfect for 
straightening hair.
Model #
Thermal Ceramic Twin
Turbo Dryer.
1800 W. Variable wattage control.
Has 12 heat settings. Factory warranty.
$39.38 No longer available
Hot Shot
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Travel Dryer
Duel Voltage
$17.50 No longer available

Curling Irons

Brand Description  Size Price
Hot Tool 3/4" Marcel  Shown
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 Professional Curling Iron, These Iron heat up very fast. Off-ON Switch, multiple heat setting with locking handle. 85 Watts 3/8"
1 1/4"
1 1/2" 
$28.60 $28.60 $28.60 $28.60 $31.40 $33.25
No longer available
Hot Tool 3/4"Spring Grip
Hot Tool .750 Spring Grip Lg.gif (8998 bytes)
 Professional Curling Iron, These Iron heat up very fast. Off-ON Switch, multiple heat setting, rubberized handle.
85 Watts
1 1/4"
1 1/2"
 No Longer Available
Hot Tool Mini Flat Iron
wpe8.jpg (9571 bytes)
Professional Flat Iron. Creates a smooth silky look in any type of hair.  85 Watts 5/8" wide $24.50  No longer available
Wigo Europe
wpe6.jpg (9364 bytes)
Fast high constant heat. 170 Watts 1" wide $38.38  No longer available
Renac hair styling brush
wpe1.jpg (5895 bytes)
Swivel handle keeps brush turning to any direction. on/off indicator. Comes with safety stand. New 10 row Metal teeth. SP-2001 No longer available
new_renac.jpg (172892 bytes)
Same design, same shape, different color as Renac.

Stylenac by Morris Flamingo

*Curls, Shapes and Straightens
*Speeds Up Styling Time by up 
 to 50%
*10' Swivel Cord Allows Body 
to turn 360 Degrees without     Tangling
*Good for all Types of Hair
*Dual Heat Settings

$29.15 No longer available

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Salon Apparel:

Click On The Fromm Logo To View The Salon Apparel.

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Curling Iron Cover

Curling Iron Cover Description  Price
wpe1A.jpg (10350 bytes) This cover is great when you are  in a hurry. Just unplug the iron, put in the cover, pack it up & away you go. CURLING IRON NOT INCLUDED $12.00

     Hair Preparations.
    Gabels:-Shampoos, Conditioners, styling Gels and Lotions.


Item Description Price
1 lb. Improve Gel 1 Lb. Improve Clear.jpg (15087 bytes) 1Lb. Improve Blue.jpg (19736 bytes) Keeps hair smartly groomed all day.
   The clarity of the gel amplifies the widest range of hair colors giving hair a healthy appearance. Contains no grease or oil.

Clear-Super Hold
Blue-Reg. Hold
 2 lb. Improve Gel With Pump 2 Lb. Improve Clear Pump.jpg (19101 bytes) 2 Lb.Improve Blue Pump.jpg (24138 bytes) The same great product as the 1 Lb. size, this size has a pump to help you get just the right 
   amount of gel for the hair style

Clear-Super Hold
Blue-Reg. Hold
8 lb. Improve Gel 8 Lb. Improve Clear.jpg (24086 bytes) 8 Lb. Improve Blue.jpg (32765 bytes) Use this Large size to fill smaller containers.
Clear-Super Hold
Blue-Reg. Hold
  1 Gal. size Improve Styling Lotion [Quick Set Formula] 1 Gal Styling Lotion.jpg (15950 bytes) A fast easy spray
   for setting and holding hair styles. The most difficult hair creations are made
   with IMPROVE styling lotion. Light touch ups or a heavier spray will give 
   extra hold to your hair style.
8 oz size Improve Styling Lotion [Quick Set Formula] IMG_1125.JPG (721402 bytes) A fast easy spray
   for setting and holding hair styles. The most difficult hair creations are made
   with IMPROVE styling lotion. Light touch ups or a heavier spray will give 
   extra hold to your hair style.
1Pt. 16oz. Rose Hair Oil
wpe9.jpg (4919 bytes) $10.00
1Pt. 16 oz. Creme - Oil (with Lanolin )
wpe1.jpg (3417 bytes) No longer available
Hair Creme with Lanolin 
w/ Pump 10 oz.
Image coming soon
Gabel's Hair Creme with Lanolin - 10oz. Formerly Gabel's Creme Oil Relaxed Hold for casual look but your styling. Matte Shine. Just a Touch. Water base. No Flaking. Re-Styling. Relieves dryness. Classic scent and smell fresh & clean. Conditioning Hair, Tame the thick hair and pony tail tip. Come with easy dispensing pump.
14 oz. Pomades Lemon
wpe15.jpg (4991 bytes) Dampen hair. Take a small amount of Pomade and spread evenly on palm of hand. Apply to area of hair to be groomed. Comb, brush or blow dry to desired style. $10.00
 Improve Hair 
So Thick Gabels
For fine hair. This conditioner makes hair feel and look thicker, gives gentle body without over conditioning or weighting down hair. Excellent for preparing the hair for setting or styling.

8oz $7.50
16oz $8.75

  1 Pt. 16 oz. Bay Rum 1_Pt._Gables_Bay_Rum.jpg (17332 bytes) Shake a generous amount of Bay Rum 
   After Shave Lotion into the palm of hands, pat together and 
   apply to shaven areas.
1 Gal. size Bay Rum 1 Gal. Gables Bay Rum.jpg (21247 bytes) IDEAL AS A FRESHENER
After washing 
   face, arms and shoulders, apply Bay Rum Lotion to those areas as
   you would the shaven face or neck.
1 Gal. Size After Shave
Lilac Gabels    
Cools, refreshes, and smells good too. Shake a generous amount of Lilac After Shave Lotion in to palm of hands, pat hands together and apply to shaven area. After washing face ,arms and shoulders, apply Lilac Lotion to these areas as you would the shaven face or neck $20.50
16 oz. Original After Shave
A Brisk, 
Refreshing After Shave. 
A brisk, refreshing after shave! Shake a Generous Amount of After Shave Lotion into Palm of Hands, Pat Hands Together and Apply to Shaven Area. After Washing Face, Arms and Shoulders, Apply Lotion to these Areas as You Would the Shaven Face or Neck $7.00
Gabels Lime After Shave Lime_Aftershave _gal.jpg (118225 bytes) $22.00
net wt.15oz. Brushless Shave Cream
Gabels. (Prep.)
Gables Brushless Shave Cream Lg.gif (11374 bytes) A pleasant pink menthol shaving creme. Use when a lather machine is unavailable. $10.00
net wt. 13 oz. Cleansing 
Cold Cream
Gables Cleansing Cold Cream Lg.gif (23714 bytes) Professional cleansing creme, massage creme, moisturizes, leaves skin smooth and soft. $10.00
8 oz. Instant Liquid Lather (For Lather Machines)  Gabels. $5.00
8 oz. Lather King Cleaner  (To Clean Out Lather Machines ) Campbell's. $4.25
Liquid Shave
100_2370.JPG (169036 bytes) $4.25
Queen Helene 
Styling Gel. 
For Hard To Hold Hair.
wpe9.jpg (5196 bytes) $3.25
Pinaud Clubman 
Sauve, Masculine Fragrance
After Shave Lotion. 16 fl. oz.
Pinaud Clubman 
Made of the finest talc...World famous since 1810... $4.10
Pinaud Lilac Vegetal
After Shave Lotion. 12½ fl. oz.
Instantly cools, tones, refreshes the skin with an invigorating tingle. Gives skin a smooth, comfortable feeling. All-over body freshener to splash on freely after bath or shower. $7.55
Jeris After Shave
Musk for men.
14 fl. oz.
Jeris Musk Cologne with that lasting fragrance women love. $6.60
Jeris Hair Tonic
A nice none oily hair prep.
14 fl. oz.
Clubman Jeris Hair Tonic keeps hair in place all day. Won't leave hair oily and weighed down like some heavier formulas. Works great on all hair types and lengths to restore natural sheen. Leaves hair neat, well groomed, and healthy looking. $4.95
Jeris Hair Tonic 
With Oil, 14 fl. oz.
A classic light hold hair tonic with a manly barbershop scent with oil to add shine and a healthy slick look. Invigorates the scalp. Shake well before using. $4.95
Krew Comb Krew_Comb.jpg (52720 bytes) Not a gel, not a mousse, but a rich non-greasy cream that holds short hair styles better and longer. 4oz-$6.30
Lucky Tiger Cru-Butch
(Hair Care Wax)
 Barbicide  Barbicide hospital grade Germicide,  pseudomonacide,
fungicide and virucide. Anti rust formula

1/2 Gal-$14.90
Alva-Quat Disinfectant Fungicide - virucide. Good to disinfect 
Beauty & Barber Tools.
Disinfecting Jar
4oz - $8.65
21oz - $16.50
37oz - $24.50
Sanitizing Jar

#7-Not Shown
#4 - $15.45
#7 - 17.45
#8 - $20.45

Latherizer - Sales and Service

~Parts are available. Please call for more info.~

Price is for a limited time and is subject to change!
Call for more details!

latherizer.jpg (19958 bytes) New Latherizer
Complete W/  liquid lather cream.
New Price 

Buy Here

Hair Sprays:-Clubman-Consort and Clairol


Hess Fromm Jowell
B/W Boyd Double Duck C-Mon
Oster Wolf Super Cuts
Economy 44/20

Sales and Repairs Curling Irons Salon Equipment.
Blow Dryers (Solano-Solis) etc. Clippers

Sharpening Service

Shears $10.00 Clipper Blade $6.00

Click Here for a printable sharpening order form.

Prices are subject to change without notice

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card number, expiration date and home mailing address for a credit card match and 

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