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Fromm & Andr'e
Material type, color & style type Size
Fromm_8104_spectrum_salon_wrap Lg.gif (19107 bytes) Fromm #8104 Spectrum salon wrap, lightweight
nylon, generous sizing, snap & belt closures.
Teflon resists water, stains & wrinkles.
Pink, Black or Teal
One Size Fits Most.
Fromm_9104_Zip_Jacket_Lg.gif (19883 bytes) Fromm #9104 Zip Jacket
Zipper closure with two
front pockets & optional
belt, lightweight, easy fit
Teflon resist water, stains
& wrinkles.
One Size Fits Most
Fromm_290_Kids_ Shampoo_cape_Lg.gif (39471 bytes) Fromm #290 Kids 
Shampoo Capes. Play designs multicolor print
soft nylon neckline Velcro closure, waterproof, stain resistant.
Large Size
Fromm_6700_hairstyling_cape.gif (22957 bytes) Fromm # 6700 hairstyling cape. All purpose, waterproof.
Adjustable snap closure. 
Burgundy Teal Black White
Extra large 54"x60"
Fromm_108_Shampoo_ Cape Lg.gif (23430 bytes) Fromm #108 shampoo cape.
Velcro closures Vinyl
Green Black Red
Large 44"x58" Extra long
Fromm_DB 116_shampoo_cape Lg.gif (20818 bytes) Fromm #DB 116 Shampoo cape. Silk Flap, waterproof, stain
 resistant. Extra long  neck band. Vinyl
Rose  Black  Green Print
Large 44"x58"
Fromm_6104_hairstyling_cape Lg.gif (21790 bytes) Fromm #6104 Hairstyling cape. Easy care, Adjustable Velcro closure.
Resists, water, stains & wrinkles.
Teflon treated nylon
Pink  Teal  White
Large 44"x58"
Fromm_9204_salon_cover_up Lg.gif (16238 bytes) Fromm #9200 salon cover-up. Lightweight, Button closure, 
front pockets, 3/4 length sleeves.
 Teflon treated nylon, resists water, stains & wrinkles.
Teal  Pink  White  Black
One size fits most

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Fromm #100
Shampoo Cape

Waterproof Vinyl Velcro Closure
Silver  Black  Mauve
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Fromm #6175 Hairstyling Cape
Water resistant fabric Multi-Use 
Rip Stop Grid Silver
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Fromm # 6600
Hairstyling cape all purpose.
Lightweight, adjustable snap closure. Perfect for all salon processes. 
Easy care Nylon/Polyester.
Red  Teal  Black
Extra Long
Extra Large
54"x 60"
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Fromm #6400
Hairstyling cape all purpose.
Lightweight extra long
adjustable snap closure.
Soft Tricot Backing
Burgundy  Silver  Rose  Teal -Limited to stock on hand.
Extra Large 
54"x 60"
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Fromm # 9204 
Salon Cover-Up

Teflon resists water, stains & wrinkles. Button closure. Front pockets,
3/4" length sleeves.
Lightweight Nylon
Teal  White Black
One Size Fits Most
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Fromm #3600
Comb-Out Cape
Shimmering look, diagonal, cut for better 
coverage easy care, soft
comfortable fabric.
Adjustable snap closure,
Black  Silver  Berry  Teal  Royal, Limited to stock on hand.
Extra Long 28"x 28"
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Fromm #7170
Salon Stylist 

Apron Lightweight, Adjustable neck strap. Multiple pockets.
Teflon treated nylon, resists water, stains & wrinkles.
One Size Fits Most
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Fromm #6300
Color Cape.
Extra long adjustable snap closure. Perfect for all salon processes.
Extra Long 54"x 64"

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