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Shear and Clipper Blades

           Shear & clipper blade sharpening. The sharpening is done on factory equipment,  by highly trained personal.
Ivory's sharpens Heiniger sheep shearing combs, cutters & Heiniger hair clipping combs & cutters. Lister sheep shearing combs,
cutters & Lister hair clipping combs  & cutters, Sunbeam sheep shearing combs, cutters, Sunbeam hair clipping combs & cutters,
and  all Oster, Wahl, Andis, Geib, Laube and small trimmer blades.
Shear sharpening all sizes and all brands, from dog grooming, barber, cosmetologist, veterinary,
pinking shears and house hold  types. Also knives both straight edge and serrated. 

Sharpening Prices

 Small Blades : 
Andis, Oster, Wahl, Geib, Laube, 
Small Trimmer Blade, ect.

  $8.00 Per Set

Large Hair Cutting Combs & Cutters : Heiniger, Sunbeam Oster, ect.
$3.00ea Comb / $3.00ea Cutter
Sheep shearing Combs & Cutters :
Heiniger, Lister, Sunbeam Oster, ect.
$3.00ea Comb / $3.00 ea Cutter
Wahl / Lister clipping blades:
$6.00 per set (set is 1 comb & 1 cutter)
Shear Sharpening :
Household, Dog grooming, Pinking shears
Beauty & Barber, Veterinary shears $12.00ea
Knife Sharpening :
(per knife not per blade)

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Prices are subject to change without notice

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