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Sheep Equipment And Supplies

      We have a large inventory of equipment in stock for the showman to fit their  animals for the show ring.
 Brushes, Cards, Foot Trimmers, Blocking Stands, Blanket Pins, just to name some of items.

Tuffer Cards

Pictures may vary slightly

Price  Sheep Shears Screw Driver

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#1 Rake-Packer  Straight-toothed card for packing or raking the fleece. $26.50
#2 Meat Breed 
 Large volume of teeth used in open fleece. Ideal for short fleece.
#3 Wool 
 Less teeth than meat-breed card. Ideal for all wool breeds.
#4 Leg & Head
 A small card used on head and legs. Ideal for very young beginners.
#6 Cleaning Card
  Open card used for cleaning the wool from all other cards.
Slicker Brush
Ideal for smoothing the wool on short-sheared club lambs. Great for using on slick-shorn lambs to give that silky smooth touch and appearance. Used by many of the top weather exhibitors.

Foot Rot Trimmers & Hoof Knives
Description Price
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(Picture may vary slightly)
Hoof Knife  $6.95  
wpe2.jpg (6968 bytes) Foot Rot Trimmer  Original Burdizzo   $29.95  
wpe1.jpg (7525 bytes) Caprine (Shear Magic) Hoof Trimmer (Orange Handle) $18.50
Leather Sheath For Caprine (Shear Magic) Trimmer $6.50 No Longer Available


Shepherd Crook (Maple Wood) 
(5 foot long, with wide opening for catching any size sheep)

Shepherd Crook (Maple Wood)

Sheep Halters
Flat Nylon Sheep Halters  (w/lead)  Braided Nylon Sheep Halters


Prices are subject to change without notice

CREDIT CARD ORDERS: We need your name, phone number [Home and / or  work],
card number, expiration date and home mailing address for a credit card match and 

CVV verification. Cards are cleared through a Master Clearing Center.


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