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Introducing the
~New - Wahl Vacuum Clipper~

Now Available

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Part# Picture Description Price Buy
8566 wahl vac.jpg (167702 bytes) Metal Case Vacuum Clipper
Includes - metal case clipper, hose,  6 attachments, cleaning brush, oil and
red blade guard.
No long available
Has been discounted
by Wahl 
8752 conversion kit.jpg (116217 bytes) Clipper Conversion Kit
Convert your standard vibrator clipper
to have the vacuum clipper
features. Kit includes: Hose, lid, and
two different lower hsg to fit all Wahl

No long available

 Has been discounted
by Wahl 


Klipper Vacuum Clipper

            Klipper Vacuum Clipper :  Vacuum hair away the instant that it's cut. Powerful clipper with hose assembly has vacuum port over the blades to vacuum clipper hair. 
Adjustable suction power. Attaches to any standard vacuum cleaner system. Cleaner for your salon; more comfortable for your customers. Includes blades. 
Does not include vacuum cleaner. 
Ivory's all so has all parts to repair or service these clippers

We still stock a few parts for these Clippers.
A lot of the parts are the same parts that are used in the Wahl Senior and the Designer.
Please Call Ivory's for Parts.
(760) 244-2823 or (1-800) 243-2823
A complete clipper is no longer available. 

Parts that are still in stock. Once they are gone, there will be no more.

Part# Picture Description Price
1226 P1011166.JPG (656199 bytes) Lower Case
(1 in stock)
8606 P1011170.JPG (478728 bytes) Lid Liner
(7 in stock)
8608 P1011171.JPG (407018 bytes) Case Extension
(7 in stock)
8608 P1011172.JPG (1098284 bytes)
Note: These pieces need to be
polished and one hole needs
to be drilled by you the customer. The lower image
has had that done.
Case Extension
(13 in stock)
8605 P1011175.JPG (534545 bytes)
Note: These pieces need to be
cleaned up and polished by you
the customer. The image on the left has been done.
Hose Coupling
(19 in stock)
8612 P1011178.JPG (500947 bytes) Blade Lever
(88 in stock)
8637 P1011180.JPG (388326 bytes) Vent Slide 2.00ea
(12 in stock)


Prices are subject to change without notice

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