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Marvy Barber Poles

Marvy Barber Poles : The Barber who appreciates the symbol which
    has represented the profession for centuries looks to Marvy. Our family of Barber 
    Poles offers a wide range of models available with a traditional striped or 
    optional "Hair Stylist" inner cylinder. All Marvy Barber Poles incorporate 
    multi-faceted backs and are made of the finest materials. They are weatherproof,
    incorporate maintenance free motors, and are built to last a lifetime. Now is the
    to brighten up your shop and attract more customers with a genuine Marvy 
    Barber Pole. There is a Style to fit you Shop, Budget and Space.

Instant Recognition with the "FLIP-OF-A SWITCH"

Barber Pole Identification Guide
Click on one of the images for a larger view!

Marvy Mod. 410 Stand or 410 Wall Mount.jpg (47879 bytes) 

  Model 410 on a stand & Model 410 Wall Mount
   Set this beauty in your window and display your symbol for instant recognition.
   This model includes a base made of solid American Walnut. The 410 Model's are
   the smallest in the line of Marcy Poles. Use these poles inside or outside your shop
   to proudly display the symbol that is recognized by millions of people all over the 

                     Model #410 On a Stand  $599.95      Model #410 Wall Mount $526.11

Model # 410 On a Stand


Model # 410 Wall Mount


*Shipping is F.O.B. ST. Paul, MN. Call for price*

Marvy Mod 55 & 77.jpg (67714 bytes)   
Model 55 & Model 77
 An updated version of the original Marvy Barber Pole, the Model 55 remains an 
 excellent choice for a mid size pole. The big brother  to the Model 55, the additional
4" in height gives the Model 77 an attractive taller and slimmer look. 

Model - #55 - $696.88                        Model -#77- $738.42
Model - #55 - Two Light $752.26       Model - #77 - Two Light $789.18

Model # 55


Model #77


Model #55 - Two Light


Model #77 - Two Light


*Shipping is F.O.B. ST. Paul, MN. Call for price*

Marvy Mod 88 & 824.jpg (45377 bytes)  
Model 88 & 824The first Marvy Barber Pole incorporating an 8"glass cylinder. 
This is the largest model in the Marvy Poles. 
The 88 Two-light model is a classical tribute to the barbering profession.

Model - # 88 - $844.57                        Model - #824 - $904.57
Model - #88 - Two Light $936.88     Model - #824 - Two Light $996.88

Model #88 


Model #824


Model # 88 Two Light


Model # 824 Two Light


*Shipping is F.O.B. ST. Paul, MN. Call for price*

Repairs and service are available at Ivory's on the MARVY poles. Call
Ivory's for your parts need, inner outer cylinders, motors, gears etc.

Prices are subject to change without notice

CREDIT CARD ORDERS: We need your name, phone number [Home and / or  work],
card number, expiration date and home mailing address for a credit card match and 

CVV verification. Cards are cleared through a Master Clearing Center.


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